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No deviants to display.
Using [Leaves] to collect Experience Points, your characters will be placed in this social order. The more leaves you have the more important you are, and the more you can influence others around you. 

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-LehrePredators
  • Predators are automatically higher up on the Social order scale for obvious reasons. However, they do keep specific titles to display their own rank among their Hierarchy system, and these titles are known by all; Herbivores included.

Soberano: Translates to; "Sovereign", is on the same level as an 'emperor' of the Jungle.
  • They aren't truly royals, however, they are treated as such and have given themselves power over others. Their words are listened to closely by predators and Herbivores alike, simply because they have the most experience. Often tasked to keep order between predators and herbivores. Known by all herbivores and predators alike. Their names alone is known by all the moment they arrive.
    • (Big bosses of the jungle.) 1001+ Leaves Required for this Rank.

Ajudante: Translates to; "Helper or Assistant", they are the ones who have started to find their footing.
  • They have started to be noticed by Soberano, and are often used as a helpers hence their title name. Is known by most Herbivores, and is recognized by all higher ups. 
    • (You're starting to have a presence in the Soberano's territory.) 501-1000 Leaves Required for this Rank.

Mendigo: Translates to; "Beggar".
They are new here or have been demoted to the lowest level. Either way, they're not seen as a threat or are simply a nuisance to the higher ranks. But they're still a predator and demand some kind of respect from those lower in rank than them. Still known by some herbivores, but not recognized like their higher ups. 
(You are scavengers in the Soberano's territory.) 0-500 Leaves Required for this Rank.

Cachorro: Translates to; "Cub", despite not all predators necessarily having 'cubs', they are still called this to signify they are children of carnivores.
(Born into this rank, promotes to rightful place once aging up.) No leaf requirement for this rank.  

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-LehreHerbivores
Herbivores tend to be plentiful, so they have many more ranks then the predators. Sadly, they are also lower the scale, but don't let that be discouraging. With out herbivores the jungle wouldn't thrive. 

Archiduque: Translates to; "Arch Duke" they are the second most powerful in all of the jungle. They recognize the power the predators naturally hold, but they demand respect. Soberanos often protect the Archiduque from other carnivores, and will do so long before they'd consider protecting any lower ranked herbivore. They are tasked with keeping the balance between the groups, along with the Soberano.
(You are the true second in control of the Soberano territory. You know this place belongs to them, but you also know your words and presence are very important.) 1401+ Leaves Required for this Rank.

Conde: Translates to; "Count or Earl", They are the second in command of the herbivores. Their words mean something, but much less then the Archiduques and carnivores. They know their place, they know how to work the system. 
(You are now an important member of the jungle. You are often used as a council to the Archiduque, and the Archiduque see's your worth.) 1101 - 1400 Leaves Required for this Rank. 

Magnus: Translates to; "Great", They are a somebody now. Ajudante's and medigo's know who they are, and try not to attack them. There is an almost mutual respect between them, but the predators know they still out rank them.
(You are finally known, maybe not the most respected or influencial, but known never the less.) 801 - 1100 Leaves Required for this rank.

Hidalgo: Translates to; "Noble", They have started to prove their worth and why they should be allowed to live without fear. Of course, they are still looked at as potential prey, as are all herbivores. But they show potential now, and Medigo's recognize their names, knowing to try and not attack them.
(You are moving up, you're still low in the scale but now you're starting to be noticed in Soberano's territory.) 401 - 800 Leaves Required for this rank.

Pobre: Translates to; "Pauper", They are new, or simply have been demoted to the lowest level. They are who the predators often target first, simply because they aren't as important as say the Conde. 
(You are prey in the Soberano's territory, Hopefully the Archiduque has a good reason to save you.) 0-400 Leave Required for this rank.

Parir: Translates to; "Calves", like the Cachorro not all herbivore children are automatically considered a calf, but it's used to represent they are children of herbivores.
(Born into this rank, promotes to rightful place once aging up.) No leaf requirement for this rank.  

Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-LehreHierarchy

Soberano (Carnivore) 
Archiduque (Herbivore) 
Ajudante (Carnivore)
Medingo (Carnivore)
Conde (Herbivore)
Cachorro (Carnivore)
Hidalgo (Carnivore) 
Pobre (Herbivore) 
Parir (Herbivore) 
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